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The Visionary Culture offers a series of workshops throughout the year. When registering, you are signing up for ALL of the workshops. To receive the full benefit, it is highly recommended to attend all three sessions.

Truth In Your Roots

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019
4pm to 7pm
Dinner & Discussion included


Nurture Your Discovery

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019
4pm to 7pm
Dinner & Discussion included


Harvest Your Plan

Monday, November 18th, 2019
4pm to 7pm
Dinner & Discussion included

Our Story

Our Story

Jill and Mary met in the fall of 2017 and their friendship immediately blossomed. After both starting their businesses in 2016, they immediately connected through the common struggles of entrepreneurship.

From there, they became accountability partners in various areas which resulted in the realization that many other women business owners were struggling with similar issues. Some of those issues included: determining a business’ legality, how to effectively market a new or existing audience, and how to grow once a dream had plateaued.

In late 2018, Mary realized that her expertise in branding and marketing was much bigger than only offering it behind the lens; hence, she sought out to create “Visionary Mary.” This concept was to help female business owners identify their target market and generate a shooting list from it. After applying it for some time, Mary realized her branding model could be utilized across multiple industries.

While Mary was developing a new business approach, Jill was being contacted for consultations from those who wanted to create a startup or grow what they already had. Their questions were comprised of things such as start-up costs to employees and contracts. Like Mary, Jill realized that she had more to offer than simply working with ink.

In March of 2019, Jill and Mary were having dinner and began talking about business. It wasn’t long into the conversation when they discovered their vision for serving the community with their God given gifts and talents was not only similar, but a true calling. It was an opportunity to be a ministry for women who wanted to maintain their roles as the heart of the home while running a profitable business. It was then when they decided to join forces and combine their passion for a fresh culture. A culture where a woman no longer needed to compromise her identity, roles or purpose; rather, embody all of them to serve God – thus, the birth of The Visionary Culture.


About Mary

Mary and her husband Drew reside in Green Bay and have been tag-teaming parenthood for the past twelve years. Raising their daughters with strong ethics and faith is a blessing they don’t take for granted, most days. When Mary isn’t at home, her hands and mind are in her business and community. 

Mary opened up her full-service portrait studio Mary Breuer Photos in August of 2016, and within one year of being open, she achieved sustainability and was able to quit her health care career as a respiratory therapist to work full-time as a portrait photographer/videographer.  

With over 15 years of customer service,  hands on care and team management, Mary’s experience with people is now the foundation of her own business. Her desire is to never lose sight of her purpose, to always serve people with the utmost respect, care and giving generously to her community. 

She is a respected leader in her community, an advocate for women in all seasons of their life and pushes for the very best in everyone around her. Mary is never short of ideas and always manages to “find a way,” even when others say it isn’t possible.

Jills about

About Jill

Jill and her husband Phil (aka “Butch”) appreciate everything their country home in Seymour, WI offers their family of eight. Both raised Catholic, they are proud to raise their five daughters and son with the same Catholic values.

Jill spent years climbing the corporate ladder. Eventually, she moved on to a role as Director of Sales and Marketing, but it didn’t take long for her to realize that no title would fill her cup in the way she was seeking.

Struggling with Trichotillomania since age 11, Jill felt a calling to serve others in a unique way. In viewing her hands as her enemies for over 25 years, she realized they were actually a blessing. She uses them to serve others with mental health disorders and medical reasons in which women might desire permanent makeup services. In 2016, Jill took the leap to leave corporate America and start her own business as a permanent makeup artist. She dove right in, gifting others extra confidence through eyebrows, areola restoration, and a variety of other services.

Jill and her husband are part of a couples bowling league during the winter months, and she golfs in a women’s league during the summer. She has served as president of Management Women in Green Bay, served on the board for Ribbon of Hope, and is Parish Council President at St John the Baptist Catholic Church in Seymour.

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